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Install Windows By Booting From A USB…!!!(PART 2 for NTFS)

Posted on: May 28, 2008

Thanks for the response I recieved through comments and mails for the Part 1 of my install Windows from a Pendrive.Few of my site’s visitors were not able to access their harddisk drives in the dos mode because they used a NTFS file system.The boot disk I provided did not support NTFS filesystem.So am going to solve that problem here.
I will make it as simple as possible.The tools needed are:
1.NTFS floppy setup or NTFS4DOS
2.Win XP setup files(The I386 folder is enough).
All you have to do is to insert the pendrive in the USB port and run the NTFS floppy setup utility.Choose your empty pendrive and click start.This will create the bootable pendrive.
Now copy the I386 from the Windows setup that you have.Restart the system by setting the boot priority to USB.the system boots to the DOS mode.Now you will be able to access other drives too because it is a NTFS boot disk.Now enter the USB drive and copy the setup files to your harddisk.for that use the command
copy [sourcePath] [destinationPath]
Where the source path is the setup files in your USB and the destination path is your harddisk.Now run the setup from the copied setup files in your harddisk,say c drive.To run setup type,
c:\>cd I386
Thats it.You are done.The setup starts.

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2 Responses to "Install Windows By Booting From A USB…!!!(PART 2 for NTFS)"

Great stuff. It simply works.

I am trying to recover a laptop with non-functional dvd drive and corrupt Windows XP. I have followed the steps and am able to copy the windows setup files to the HDD, but when I boot from the pen drive, the computer assigns c: to the pen drive. when I attempt to setup windows it tries to set it up to c: (the pen drive). How do I get around this?? Please help me!

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