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Beware Of Hackers

Posted on: December 7, 2008

Hacking is the science to process an intrusion into nodes and retrieving sensitive or encrypt data. In the truest sense hacker is the one who is capable of getting himself into a security system and breaks the authentication codes for either a noble cause or in a cause to destroy or misuse the data available. In the beginning, the term hacker represented the one who has the skill and knowledge to do such stuffs for a legitimate cause and the term cracker pointed the one who uses it for unlawful activities. Now both are represented by the term hacker and the word hacker has classifications now- White hat and black hat hackers. White hat hackers are the ones who defend the secure data with their skills and unlike white hat hackers, the black hat hackers use their skills to break in and attack on networks and sensitive data. In the current trend, leaving ones data insecure might lead to a catastrophic effect due to the increase in the number of black hat hackers and malicious intruders around us. So companies have started recruiting white hat ethical hackers to defend their data from these attackers. Especially, the firms dealing with financial information, military secrets etc…There are a number of reasons why a hacker would want to break into ones computer. It can be for the misuse of the ISP for illegal activities or to steal credit card information. The reasons can range from A-Z. So it’s the user’s responsibility to prevent intrusions.
To prevent such attacks one should:-
1. Only download or accept files from reliable sources.
2. Use a firewall to block unauthorized access.
3. Install a good virus scanner and update information as needful.
4. Do not keep passwords, bank or financial account numbers, social security numbers or other personal and confidential information on your computer’s hard drive.


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